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Frivolous thoughts about politics

Sometimes when I get bored I think about whether I should pay more attention to politics and get more involved in what happens in this country. Luckily I don't get bored that often what with the agency and all that.
But if I had the time to get bored and seriously take up a civic interest I'd end up in the most dismal place in the world. Because just like they do not make ads for a 30 yo, unmarried woman with a decent income - that's me, they don''t have a political choice for me either. I like smart, I like open minded, visionary, smart dressing, big smiling, enthusiastic, honest and common sensical. I like the Obamas because of this picture

and I like the silly and sometimes ridiculous Sarkozys because they are not afraid to pose like this (all goofy and laughing)

But what is there for me in Romania? The fashionista images of Elena Udrea in Tabu? The Kennedy inspired poses of the Iacob-Ridzis? The ludicrous every other pic and TV appearance of our younger generations politicians, all suited up, gelled up, spitting when they speak types?
Image is everything in politics but the image of our politicians is constructed by consultants whose understanding of the nuances of target audiences is small and biased. We have Dero politicians. And I am the y generation: i like brands that talk my talk. So, here's to hoping I never get bored in the coming years.


Anthony said...

Elena Udrea does much more than that.

Vlad said...

Udrea is an asset to this country.

Bogdana Butnar said...

yeap, Udrea is an ass... and the rest also.

Oxygen said...

We do have a few colorful politicians. For example our president isn't afraid to be a swearing average Joe and to go on OTV. And that is good targeting because we (the ones that find this type of behaviour disturbing) aren't the majority.
I don't know how much of it is GMPs doing, but I would like to see McCann, Leo, S&S and the other big agencies do some political campaigns.

Bogdana Butnar said...

Me too :D