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Strategic planning in Romania - where to?

I have become very separated from planning in the past year because it seems managing a company is not a part time job :D But a recent meeting with some colleagues who are still doing planning as a first job reminded me of the good times and how we felt that planning could save the world.
Interestingly enough these days there is little talk about planning in Romania for obvious reasons:
- the crisis forbids development of the community of planners, it's hard to hire someone still considered a nice-to-have
- there is not enough know-how pouring in because people are stuck on day to day issues
- the former strong planning group is now focused on other things
This is not okay since planning is meant to help especially at times like these when the industry is at a loss. So, the opinion piece Stefan Stroe writes makes a lot of sense. While I do not empathize with all his points, I respect the insight behind: this is a time when planning should show what it's made of. And it is not. What are we going to do about this?

His full presentation below


White said...

The article is short and clear, but Stefan Stroe's slideshow is horrendous. Haven't seen something as bad as this in a long time, especially from a so called professional. And mixing Romanian words that have a clear meaning in Romanian with poorly translated English words that overlap the Romanian words... NOT VERY GOOD and not too professional. It looks like the presentation was made in a lunch break, between two YouTube searches.

All the best.

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