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A good newspaper failed

I have been away for two weeks and the one thing that caught my attention is the obvious demise and u-turn in the destinies of the daily Cotidianul.

This whole post is very personal and not at all researched (which makes for no actual change from my regular posts :-D) but I feel something needs to be said about the ability of this country of ours to sustain different voices and different points of view.

Cotidianul was a newspaper that in my view acted like The Guardian of England. It sometimes focused on things of lesser national importance but always tried to add fresh points of view or topics to the public agenda. I asked myself countless times if a newspaper was meant to devote full pages to blogging - a national daily, mind you- and always the answer was "no, but it's refreshing to see they do". I always felt they were being silly when they advertised internet conferences with quarter page ads and asked myself who in, say, Brasov cared about these things. Probably nobody and yet is was great to see that public agenda was not restricted to what the president was doing wrong or who had stolen what.

Now the newspaper is failing, out of money and out of readers and new management has been brought in to change it. Make it more like you would expect a national daily to be. And while I am pleased the newspaper is given a chance to survive I cannot help wondering where will we find that other point of view, that other topic and that unexpected book review.
It is depressing to realize that we are a country so poor and so small that we are unable to support one publication attempting to be different. When advertising money ran out, the different one died out. And so we are left with a mass media which is largely the same.
not good
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