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The Editors Bucharest or How social media can (maybe) make things happen

These are The Editors.

They come to Bucharest this Sunday and will play what is probably the only non-sponsored concert in the history of concerts in Romania. I hope they do good and I hope people buy out the tickets.

The thing is this, for cool bands to come to a country like ours, you need someone to sponsor part of the costs of the concerts. Otherwise the tickets would cost billions. So you get sponsors like Vodafone or Coke or Orange or Pepsi (I am being equidistant). This is not too much of a bother to people on the tarmac because they only see a bunch of billboards and are handed stupid little flags at the entrance. But truth of the matter is that, because we are only used to paying this much for tickets, we could not handle non -sponsored concerts. That's why what the people who have brought the Editors are doing is bold. They hope to use social media and word of mouth and networking to get the concert to pay for itself.
So, if you think this is something you might want to support do like I did: mention it on your website/blog/twitter and then go and see it.

Tickets here
A funny contest here

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