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Online piracy

I have been reading a couple of things about (illegal) downloads (among which Lessig's Free Culture from and talking to a bunch of friends about (illegal) downloads. I am a constant and heavy user of peer to peer and torrents and have absolutely no qualms about using Vuze to get any movies or music I need from the Internet. I play everything on my iPod. So to me the concept of DRM and copyright is pretty lax simply because I find Internet has challenged ownership to a significant degree and it is not Internet who needs to "change" the way in which it operates but we need to reconsider the way we share and own.
But I am less equipped to express this so I was excited to come across a book by Cory Doctorow (google him, you'll find out soon enough he's worth it) which he prefaced with some thoughts about sharing in the age of Internet. The book is "Little Brother", it's free - you can get it from here - and has a cool story about another favorite of mine, Neil Gaiman, who, when asked about people sharing his books, replied by saying that he had never discovered an author he liked by going and buying a book but mostly from books shared from his friends. Following on that point, Cory goes on to say that for an author getting awareness is more important than forcing sales.
Have a look at the download info and the preface because they are true eye-openers.

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nealocat said...

I donno if it's any good (just started reading it),but you can check out Matt Mason's The Pirate Dilemma. I have a feeling it might be rubbish, but still, it has shiny yellowish cover :)