communication is essential to business making and it involves more than the ability to name your product, write a tag line or a press release. It's an intricate, rational and scalable effort and, let's face it, not anyone can do it.


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Last year I was writing this as my 2008 resolutions:

"1. go to bed everyday feeling like i have done one thing right

2. give more attention to the people who matter and less to the things that do not
3. turn my blog (and my profession) from just planning to communication design (thanks you know who for all the advice)
4. figure out how to buy, accommodate and raise a dog
5. draw a huge mural on my bathroom wall"

In retrospect, these may have been a bit too general and thus make me unaccountable to myself for doing them or not. Objectively, I think I may have achieved no.1 by about 76%, no. 2 by about 20% - meaning, I missed utterly on doing that one, and completely coped out on no.5. I do think that I am happier professionally and have grown, which makes 3 an almost hit. I did do all the research and preparations implied in no.4 although I did not get the dog which means that technically I have completed no.4 but actually I missed out on the core.

So, for 2009 I am being more specific...a lot more. Here goes:
1. Get a second tattoo, my beagle and spotless bathroom tiling
2. Spend at least one week every quarter in another country (a new one)
3. Make a meaningful commitment to a person: friend, lover, pen pal, hobby partner, whatever.
4. Create a time-plan for my mom and dad (moving, new house, retirement)
5. Keep the business afloat.
6. Re-cultivate my planning roots.
7. Work out a solution for my blog/s – how many, in what language, what for.
8. Learn or teach myself something new ( and be good at it)

so, there, that should make for easier evaluation next year. Wish me luck and if someone feels like this is a good tag for 2009, take it away and be specific :-)


Andrei said...

on (2.)

if for some reason you approach end of quarter and dont have any trip planned... darling, you are always welcome in chisinau - it's close and you have some good friends there ;)

Monoranu said...

well, good luck then! i salute your initiative reagarding the spending of visiting at least 4 countries this year. i am also planning on doing that but in a more compact period. :)