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Internet changes business models

I have a mind that goes in all directions and it's always nice to have a chat with a smarter friend to set me thinking - focused like - on something. and last night I had the privilege to be set straight by Mr. Ursache who got me thinking about business models and how they have been affected by Internet and the new frame of mind it puts us in.
Actually I got to thinking about this after reading about W+K's Platform and Anomaly and also thinking about the crazy dudes who wrote Funky Business.
It used to be that making money and being successful was all about assets and project management and strategy. But with the advent of Internet, new millionaires proved that all you needed to have was an idea. Just like Funky Business says, these days the real asset is a good brain that can generate unique and interesting ideas which later create wealth. And internet has exacerbated this by making it possible for geeks in garages to have brainstorms and then get filthy rich.
So, I'm thinking that this has literally turned into a business model, so much so that companies gather together people to have ideas which can then make money for them in a long term.
This has everything to do with the way internet affects our perception of the world. You don't want to buy stuff because you know someone on the internet has it for free, you don't want to go out because you can chat online, you don't send cards because there's a faster way to get in touch with video logs and stuff like that. Internet has taught us the power of hugeness - because when you make it big here it's really big, but also the speed with which success comes and goes. pretty much like an idea. it comes fast, it goes away fast.
with internet, we live a life of peaks and precipices. there is not more smooth line of growth.
it's pretty exciting if you think about it.

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